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Northern Engraving: Jaguar XF Aluminum Vent Covers




Using a screen printed texture and an aluminum in-mold process (plastic resin is shot behind a stamped aluminum part), Northern Engraving engineers worked with the Jaguar Design and Engineering to design air vents for the almost seamless dash of the Jaguar XF. Meeting the aesthetic needs of the project while creating decorative trim that was manufacturably feasible posed several challenges for the team. These aluminum air vents disappear when the starter button is pressed and rotate into view when the engine is turned off, and parts alignment needed to be perfect.

Read Northern Engraving’s case study and don’t miss the slide show. Also, take a stroll through the rest of NE’s web site and blog. There’s a ton of goodness here – and not just product and services marketing… There’s a lot of really good materials, processes and finishes information. I’ll be featuring more that stuff here in future posts.