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Video Library for Making Parts, Patterns, Tools, and Molds


From urethanes and epoxies to specialty waxes, vacuum bagging materials, and silicone rubber, Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company supplies materials for prototyping, mold-making, modeling, toolmaking, composites manufacturing, and foundry patternmaking. They sell all kinds of cool stuff and show you how to use it in their Video Library.

From the basics all the way through the more advanced thin-wall molding, watching these videos really give you a great appreciation for the art of patternmaking and craftsmanship. In addition to learning about making urethane castings form RTV molds, they’re a great introduction to other low-volume processes like laminate tooling and composites. there’s even videos on using Renshape and jewelry making.

There’s over 2 hours of video in this collection, so even if you never make any prototypes yourself, there’s a lot here to learn. Make sure you go ahead an register to get access to “Multiple Cavity Molds” and “Casting Thin-Walled Parts”.

Have fun…