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Chris Lefteri’s ‘Ingredients’


British designer and materials evangelist Chris Lefteri publishes Ingredients magazine – “an ongoing initiative to bridge the gap between designers and material manufacturers.” These elegantly photographed and beautifully composed pieces of material info-porn serve to inspire as much as they inform designers about the wonder, beauty and magic of materials. Screw Architectural Digest, this is the kind of stuff I’d like to see on every industrial designer’s coffee table.

A peek inside...

Make sure you download all three. Each edition features articles, thoughtful illustrations and useful links. He introduces us to new materials and gives us the lowdown on existing ones (like his guide to ‘-enes’).

By the way: If you have problems reading the text on Ingredients No. 3 (like I did), Chris uploaded a special copy just for my blog readers (aren’t you special?) and you can download it here (note: this version is about 12.5 MB).