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Injection Mold Design Tutorial, Technology and Engineering


So if you’re really into the nut and bolts of injection molding, here’s an informative blog: Injection Mold Design Tutorial, Technology and Engineering. It’s primarily aimed at enginees and mold designers, but it have some really nice illustrations and could be helpful to industrial designers as they think about different ways to form features in an injection mold.

Of particular interest is the post on Mold Classification which describes the basic types of molds (example shown above), showing their construction and how they work. You might even be into the nitty gritty of a 3-plate mold.


While you probably wouldn’t have to design any of this stuff yourself, having a basic understanding of how these mold works will make you more comfortable and confident in those engineering review meetings with the engineers and molders. I little bit of basic technical knowledge and understanding can go a long way towards building confidence and trust between team members.