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Gravity Stool: Magnetic Fields and the Power of Gravity

Departing from the idea of how materials are influenced by gravity, Dutch Designer Jólan van der Wiel set out to explore how he could explore this universal force by exploiting its own power: magnetism. He’s created a process (and a machine) to pull and manipulate a resin (I’m assuming it’s a thermoset material like urethane or polyester) heavily loaded with metallic powder and colorant while still in its a liquid state. At the end of this dance with magnetic fields and material, the forms cure within a half hour. You’ll have to see the process to truly appreciate it.

Jólan’s Gravity stool was a Graduate project that has gone on to win first place for the Interior Innovation Award for the D3 Contest at imm cologne 2012. These strikingly beautiful and expressive forms are so intimately connected to nature, they could have been unearthed from a newly discovered cave.

[via SolidSmack]