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IKEA as Materials Source


(From Core77)

It’s IkeaHacker plus: Spain’s Yonoh Studio issued a challenge for designers to view their local Ikea not as a retailer, but as a source of raw materials. The idea is to then design and build a new object using parts bought at Ikea. Seen above, a variable-height desk lamp made from a rag-hanging rack and a light fixture.

Entitled Surtido de Mutaciones (Assorted Mutations), the project’s resultant objects can be viewed here. Unfortunately there are no captions, so figuring out what went into each piece will truly test your knowledge of the Ikea catalog.

Invincible Mood Board from Northern Engraving


The Invincible mood board is part of a series of seven sample presentation boards created by Northern Engraving that focus on different themes and feature their wide array of aluminum finishes for their nameplates, trim and graphics products. The first three themes focus on new mechanical finishes.  The remaining four themes focus on the use of mechanical process, color and texture to create finishes which are our interpretation of trends in the market.  All of the finishes are meant to be inspirational, a starting point for creating a surface for your trim or nameplate application.

There’s a lot of cool stuff at this site and if definitely worth a visit. Also, check out the Nameplate Blog, which has a ton of great articles (some of which I plan to feature here in future posts).