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Materials and Processes Books for Industrial Designers

pile_of_booksOkay, I get this question all the time: “What are some good material and processes books for industrial designers?” While there have been many attempts to right the ultimate m&p reference book for use as a textbook in ID programs, I’m not 100% sure there’s one book that does everything perfectly… Let’s face it: material and manufacturing is a massive subject and condensing it all into a single volume that doesn’t weigh a metric tonne is quite a challenge. Also, there’s the added challenge to create a book that is compelling enough to hold the attention of your average industrial designer longer than 12 milliseconds (we get bored easily and like lots of pictures).

So here’s a starter list. I have most of these already and plan to do a proper review of each over the next weeks. Also, I thought it would be a good idea to divide these into three main categories:

  • Textbooks – a complete overview of all the major materials and processes
  • Reference Guides – more technical information (e.g., specifications, standards. etc.)
  • Inspirational – not terribly technical, but provides great examples of how specific materials and processes are used

So here we go (by the way, these are in no particular order right now)… Also, I’ve provided links to these book on Amazon out of convenience only.

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