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I’m a Fan: MAKE


This will definitely bring out the kid in you… Someone described MAKE as a cross between WIRED, American Woodworker, Popular Mechanics and Scientific American. Published once a quarter, each issue features four very detailed DIY projects, along with short descriptions and general guides to a few others. Combined with the DIY info, there is the usual mix of opinion articles, political commentary, news summaries, letters, articles about crazy DIY-folk, also called “makers”.

But for my fellow industrial designers, be forewarned: Makers are not necessarily industrial designers or manufacturers–slick and finished is not what a maker does. Makers are about function, not form.

So why feature this mag on a blog for industrial designers?

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DIY Rotational Molding Machine


(Via Designboom)

Industrial design students Andrew Duffy, Craig Tyler and Edward Harrison from the University of Rochester constructed a minature rotational molding machine out of scrap materials and a cordless drill. From their YouTube post:

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