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MICROFACTORY Domestic Manufacturing Machine


(Via Core77)

DaeKyung (DK) Ahn is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Arts in London and has been researching methods of domestic manufacturing. The product MOW is a domestic manufacturing machine based on the concept MICROFACTORY, which can cut cardboard, polypropylene and thin solid wood up to 3mm. DK writes:

MICROFACTORY is a project centered around designing domestic manufacturing machinery. The project allows people to make their own products at home easily as well as share their own designs. By focusing on concepts of open-source design and the principles of reusing materials around the home, Micro Factory looks to use design to develop new manufacturing methods, which benefit society as a whole.

Check out this video of a working MOW prototype which shows how the cutter device is moved over the workpiece using 4 cables and is programmed via Bluetooth. There’s a lot of work that goes into this project an it’s really well-documented in the video, so be sure to take a look at the entire flick…

Additional images can be found here.