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Product Autopsy Workshop


I love this stuff… I mean honestly, who DOESN’T love taking gadgets apart and seeing what makes the tick and how they’re put together? It’s one of the more common childhood stories you hear from fellow product designers… Like whenever something broke at my house growing up, it would always come to me first. Could I always put it back together? Well, that’s another story… anyways, it was already broken when I got it.

As a product designer, there’s nothing so useful as taking a product apart. You get a lot of good ideas: how to do something, how not to do something, specific plastic joint details, assembly techniques… on and on… I drive my wife nuts because I’m always turning products upside down to see how their made…

So Leonardo Bonanni is a PhD candidate in the Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab. And he ran this Product Autopsy Workshop a few years ago:

I ran a workshop for sponsors and students called ‘Product Autopsy’ at John Maeda’s Simplicity Meeting on Cape Cod in March 2007. Various objects were dissected and their function, manufacturing and design teased out of them as they were pinned to white boards. In every case, the resulting product+narrative was much more beautiful than the original.

I’m always on the look out for more of this kind of stuff . When I find more I’ll bring it to you here (and tag it so you can find it).