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‘RiK’ by Inon Retting: Experiments in Thermoforming


Inon Retting is a designer and graduate from Bezalel Academy of Art in Tel Aviv. In his series ‘RiK’ – Hebrew for ‘vacuum’ – Inon takes advantage of a certain characteristic one would usually describe as a process-related difficulty. In some of his designs he actually leaves part of the wood pattern embedded inside the part– creating a mixed-material aesthetic that’s really nice. Inon explains:

‘RiK’ is a series of stools that combine wood and plastic in such a way that one “confines” the other with in it, giving it form and structure. As with every technology, vacuum forming has its unique advantages and disadvantages. One of the primary disadvantages of this technology is the creation of “bridges” or “webbing”: in places where the raw material does not reach the tray’ it sticks to itself to create sort of plastic walls alongside the tray. The idea of this project is to take that same unintentional disadvantage and to turn it into an intentional advantage. Within these limitations, I created an aesthetic that uses the element of chance as a formal language and, moreover, structurally reinforces the object.

He also has a video of him forming one of his stools:

Thanks again to Thomas Figgins for the suggestion.

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