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Free Aluminum Seminars for Designers

Norway-based Hydro’s Extrusion’s Americas unit will expand its educational program to include nearly 20 complimentary seminars in 2010 throughout North America. Hydro’s Extrusion Academies are half-day technical workshops specifically targeted to industrial product designers and engineers, but also appropriate for anyone concerned with extrusion fabrication and manufacturing.

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What’s That?: Extruded Aluminum Drive Housing

I was over at the NC State College of Design (my alma mater) participating in a final crit for a Junior Industrial Design studio, and someone brought me a part to ask me about it. It was the housing from a Maxtor OneTouch portable drive (the first series)…

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Making a Chair Out of Molten Plastic Waste

(Via Core77)

Watch your fingers… Watch as a Cohda’s RD Legs chair (designed by Richard Liddle) is hand-made by wrapping one continuous extruded strand of molten scrap plastic around a mold made from MDF and dowels.

Okay, so the video doesn’t work any more, so here’s some stills (click for a larger version):