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DIY: Personal Blow Molding Gun

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. Been traveling, working, etc… You know, all the usual excuses… Anyway, I’m trying to play a bit ‘o catch-up, so I’ll be posting stuff I bookmarked, but just haven’t had a chance to post about until now… Thanks for all the support!

So here’s something fun: This guy George Fereday decided it would be cool to build his own hand-held blow molding gun. This is a manual tool for molding what George describes asĀ  ‘polymorph’ thermoplastic, which melts at a low temperature (in this case, he uses boiling water). This seems a lot safer than wielding a hand-held extruder with the traditional hot melted thermoplastic at 390+ degrees. I found more info on polymorphic thermoplastics at Instructables.

His rig uses two air lines for inflating an extuded tube of plastic, much like a traditional extrusion blow molder does. The cool thing is that he built this into a hand-held mastic gun to allow him to inject the plastic with subsequent blown bubble into a mold in a way that would be too cumbersome a huge extruder. So, while in his demonstration he’s shown blow molding a little box-shaped part, you could potentially introduce this sucker into a mold in multiple places or from multiple angles.

Looks kinda fun, doesn’t it?

[via Core77]