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BASF Free On-line Training: Educate Yerself


GEORGE: “Elaine, do industrial designers know about shrinkage?”

ELAINE: “It shrinks?”

JERRY: “Like a frightened turtle…”

ELAINE: “Why does it shrink?”

GEORGE: “It just does.”

ELAINE: “I don’t know how you guys design with that stuff.”


Okay, sorry about that… So if you want to get yer learnin’ on, check out the BASF Plastics Online Education Center for free online training. There are 10 presentations, each about a half hour long, covering a range of topics… All you have to do is register and begin your download. The screen shot above is from “Datasheet Properties – What do they Mean?”.

Be sure you have the latest flash player loaded into your browser as they are all in SWF format.