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Jan 26-27: MTRL2020 in Cincinnati (FREE!)

The University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (UC-DAAP) is holding a very special event at the end of the month entitled MTRL2020: Envisioning Innovative Materials Application. The program has been built for students and educators, but will be a fantastic learning opportunity for practicing professionals as well:

For creative people in the 21st century, understanding emerging and innovative new materials is a core necessity. MTRL 2020 is an event centered in providing the students and faculty of the University of Cincinnati as well as others in the community a common forum within which to achieve that understanding. With expert speakers in various fields of materials research, workshops, and a roundtable discussion, the three-day event seeks to heighten the level of awareness to the importance of materials knowledge across the design disciplines and the inter-relation of these materials with outside disciplines.

The event will take place from 1/25-1/27, and is comprised of guest lectures, breakout sessions, a roundtable discussion, and a gallery show of innovative materials samples on campus which runs from January 16 to the end of the month. And what an impressive collection of speakers:

  • Michelle Addington, Hines Professor of Sustainable Architectural Design at the Yale School of Architecture
  • Inna Alesina, Faculty member of Towson University’s ID department
  • Emiliano Godoy, of design firm Godoylab, and design director of the furniture manufacturer Pirwi
  • Chris Lefteri, long-time IDSAMP blog friend and materials evangelist

Here’s the best part: Registration is 100% free of charge and anyone is welcome to attend. Definitley worth checking out.

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Greener Gadgets Feb 25 in NYC

The Greener Gadgets Conference tackles all of the issues surrounding energy efficiency and sustainable design, from innovative advances in packaging and product manufacturing to end-of-life recycling solutions. It also highlights ways in which electronics make a major impact by utilizing renewable energy in developing nations.

The conference closes out with the incredibly popular Greener Gadgets Design Competition, highlighting a new class of sustainable product concepts, from those that create their own energy to those that minimize the need for any electricity at all. The event takes place February 25 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in NYC.

Course on Automotive Plastic Part Design

Plastics expert , Paul A. Tres, IDSA, will present a 3-day state-of-the-art seminar at University of Michigan during April 7-9, 2010, entitled Automotive Plastic Part Design. The seminar will have detailed discussions, examples and step by step methodology on how to design with plastic materials in automotive segments such as seat systems, safety systems, powertrain, interior components. He’ll address issues such as  squeak and rattles, integral seals, in-mold assembly, etc.

The course is targeted at automotive designers, product managers, project managers, research engineers, material engineers, graduate and undergraduate students, or anyone involved in the development and manufacture of automotive plastic products and systems. If you have the time (and the $1390 for early registration), it well worth your time is you’re a designer in this market.

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Electronics & Sustainability: Design for Energy and the Environment Symposium

What? Electronics & Sustainability: Design for Energy and the Environment Symposium is aimed at addressing current challenges and ways to improve the current processes, designs, and applicable legislations.

When and Where? February 23-24, 2010 in Champaign, Illinois

Paul Anastas, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Research and Development in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and considered to be the ‘Father of Green Chemistry,’ will be the key featured speaker at the symposium. Other speakers include Mike Tibbs from Walmart and Rajib Adhikary from Dell Computer, as well as speakers from Arizona State University, Purdue University, the University of Illinois, etc.

Space is limited, so register now.

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IDSAwi: Bemis Manufacturing Tour in October


What: IDSA Wisconsin Chapter – Bemis Manufacturing Tour

When: Thursday Oct. 15th 2009, 3pm, Tour will start at 3:30 with refreshments and socializing afterwards.

Where: Bemis Mfg. Co.
W 2940 Old County Road PP
Sheboygan Falls, WI  53085
Please enter the “E” building entrance.


As Designers and Engineers we have enough hurtles placed in front of us while trying to ensure we achieve the best design for our projects.  Having the right people and groups involved in your projects at the right time can help ensure your projects go to the market on time, on budget, and made the best possible.  One such group is your manufacturing team, we may be experts in our perspective areas and understand a variety of things but it is hard to be an expert on everything and up to date on all the new things happening. Come join us for a tour of Bemis and learn how bringing your manufacturing team into the design process upfront can help achieve design success.

Be there or be talked about…

Video: “Designing for Performance” by Kevin Vittitoe, Priority Designs


IDSA’s Central Ohio Chapter hosted a really fantastic event last year in Columbus: ‘New Trends in Materials and Processes’– and Erin Hamilton was nice enough to post the video she recorded of the event. Now that we have the M&P has a blog, I’m trying to collect links to some of these videos so others can enjoy them.

The first video is of Senior Industrial Designer Kevin Vititoe from Priority Designs as he speaks about new trends in performance materials and heavy duty manufacturing processes. The first half of his presentation covers the development of a lacrosse stick head for STX:

The second half of Kevin’s talk is a case study on a baseball glove design:

This a really fantastic presentation. I’ll be posting some more videos from this event shortly…

Free Webcast This Thursday on Design Trends: Sustainability


Join industry experts as they explore development trends in design in this FREE Webcast, “Design Trends: Sustainability,” hosted by MD&DI. Consumer industries are promoting sustainable products as market differentiators and key selling points, and application of sustainable design in the medical device industry may not be far behind. It is time for medical manufacturers to consider the sustainability of their products, packaging, and production processes. Experts will discuss what it means to be “green,” and how to go about doing it. An interactive Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Date: Thursday, July 23
Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT (1:00 p.m. CDT, 11:00 a.m. PDT)

Registration Info.


The Challenge of User Behaviors in Creating More- Sustainable Medical Products
Sean Hägen
Principal, Director of Research & Synthesis
BlackHägen Design

Getting Started with Sustainable Design
Goo Sung
Design Manager
Modo Inc.

The Disposable’s Impact
Bill Evans
Principal and Founder
Bridge Design