New Balance 574: Custom Sneaks Made in the US of A

New Balance will custom build you a pair of US574 sneakers are via their website, which if pretty nifty. Also nifty if the fact these suckers can be built and on your tootsies in about a week because they’re made here in the good ol’ US of A. Check out the video to see some cool materials and processes action and some dedicated folks still hard at work here in this country.

[via Core77]


1 Response to “New Balance 574: Custom Sneaks Made in the US of A”

  1. 1 Newby Alancer June 14, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    I ordered a pair of these, returned them for another pair due to extremely poor quality. Then I had to return the replacement pair as well for the same reason. With the high price of these shoes, and with all the “made in America” cards that come with it, I would expect these shoes to be the same quality as the New Balance shoes you get at the store.

    But they are far from it: Bad stitching, bubbling on the sides of the shoe, hot glue strands hanging off them out of the box, warped custom lettering and most amazingly, off-center New Balance logos on the back of the shoes. Needless to say they are a huge disappointment. I’ll stick with the factory made ones from now on.

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