‘Material Witness’ Spring 2011 Innovation

The 2011 Spring Edition of Innovation is now available and was edited by yours truly, Warren Ginn, IDSA, Principal of Ginndesign, LLC. I was invited to be guest editor for this issue because of its focus: Materials. Entitled ‘Material Witness,’ this issue highlights how design is contributing to both the business of product development as well as the suppliers who support it. For those of you not familiar, Innovation is IDSA’s quarterly journal and is the highest profile magazine for 3000+ industrial designers and managers today.

I sought out authors from around the world to write articles that celebrate how the designer’s intimate understanding of materials and manufacturing drives innovation in product development and how they have become instrumental in leading the materials and manufacturing industries to recognize that innovation starts at the concept level. In addition, I wanted to offer articles that explore how we educate young designers about these technologies in our schools as well as how professionals continue their learning and apply that knowledge to new product innovations.

I’m personally very proud of the collection of authors I’ve assembled and I hope you’ll take the time to read it. It’s pretty good, if I don’t say so myself. If you’re an IDSA member, you should have already received your copy of Innovation (or will soon). If you’re not a member (and why not?), you can follow the link below to become a member and/or get your copy. There’s even some preview articles to whet your appetite.

[The 2011 Spring Edition of Innovation]


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