Bicycle is ‘Grown’ from High Strength Nylon Powder

EADS, the European aerospace and defense group has announced the world’s first bike to use a new manufacturing process which it claims has the potential to transform manufacturing around the globe. The ‘Airbike’ is made of nylon but, according to EADS, is strong enough to replace steel or aluminum and requires no conventional maintenance or assembly. It is ‘grown’ from powder using a new manufacturing process is known as Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM), allowing complete sections to be built as one piece. Other powered materials such as titanium, stainless steel or aluminum could be used.

The wheels, bearings and axle are incorporated within the ‘growing’ process and built at the same time. Because it can be designed and built to a rider’s specification, theoretically it would require no adjustment.

Full article from Eureka UK.

I found some additional info on ALM here. I also found a video from another company about ALM:

[via Ben and Eureka UK]


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