Emiliano Godoy’s “Snowjob” Chair Discussion


In a post on Core77 about Emiliano Godoy’s “Snowjob” chair, the poster posits some questions regarding the nature of the materials used. The chair is skinned in candy wrappers. (Not used ones, but misprints and obsolete ones.) The questions focus on the candy wrappers themselves and the fact that they have recycled symbols on them, even though they aren’t actually recycled. Emiliano was kind enough to respond and it makes for an interesting read about the nature of this material and the logistics behind how the wrapper’s manufacture affects its recyclability and what it means to be ‘disposable.’

I think we have to stop greenwashing, stop deceiving consumers, and tax the hell out of disposable products. There is no such thing as [throwing] away, just out of sight.

[via Core77]


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