‘Endless’ Chair by Dirk van der Kooij

‘Endless’ is a chair constructed by a robot extruding one contiguous ribbon of plastic recycled from old refrigerators. Dutch designer and recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Dirk van der Kooij presented his take on tool-less plastic chair construction at his graduation show as part of Dutch Design Week.

The robot is even recycled: After a 140,000 hour non-stop career in a Chinese production line, van der Kooij installed new software and turned it into a large-scale prototyping machine. While it has a lower resolution that what you might see in a true rapid prototyping system, this slower process allows him to produce robust models at a steady pace. The coarse structure reveals how the product has been constructed layer by layer. Endless combines the flexibility of traditional workmanship with the speed of industrial production.

You can watch the video of the process and watch as he lovingly introduces different colors of pellets to play with the striations–creating each chair as a unique work of functional art.

One plastic string, made out of old refrigerators, crafted by a robot, into a chair.

[via domus, DesignRulz and Ponoko]


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