Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

Goldsmith, jewelry designer, carrpenter and now Masters candidate at the Royal College of Art, designer Harry Thaler lifts his Pressed chair with just two fingers. By “pressing” (I’m thinking more in lines with stamping) 2.5mm aluminum sheet with a rib form, he adds rigidity to the material. The stamped and trimmed flat pieces are then bent into stackable chairs. The scrap is used to make stools.

This exercise in exploring the limits of minimalism and optimizing materials yields a rather elegant product. I did notice, however, the use of the rubber feet. I presume this it to help with leveling, but more so to prevent the legs from splaying outwards should someone a bit larger than its svelte create decides to take a load off. The unpainted one looks like you’re siting on a re-purposed tray from an old-school Swanson’s Hungry-Man dinner.

Thanks to Thomas Figgins for the suggestion.

[via design milk]


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