3D-Printed iPod Shuffle Necklace

The current iPod Shuffle is so tiny to the point of being difficult to use–lose or break the Apple earbuds and you’re screwed and unable to control playback without the in-line remote in the cable.

The folks at Shapeways (I just did a nother post about these guys just a few days ago) have developed a solution called the Pod à Porter necklace, which is a velvet-finished, 3D printed polyamide loop. The iPod plugs into one end and the headphone cable threads around the loop to exit at the other end. The result is a tangle-free unit that keeps cables and everything else above the neckline.

While the design solution is interesting, more noteworthy is this new method of directly printing a saleable product to order. The product exists as a 3D computer model designed by Michiel Cornelissen and resides on the servers of Shapeways, the online 3D printing service. When you order, your necklace is cranked out of the printer and mailed directly to you.

The Pod à Porter costs $27 and comes in black, white, magenta, blue and green to match your iPod Shuffle.

[via Wired]


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