Hi-res 3D “Terracotta” Printing

So this is cool for a number of reasons…

First, it’s a pattern for a class ring from my alma mater, North Carolina State University. Go Wolfpack…

Second, take a look at that detail. This pattern was printed by Shapeways using their newly acquired Envisiontec Aureus printer, which is very, very accurate:

XY resolution is 43 micron and the Z voxel height is 25 micron.

The materials used are RCP30 (terracotta, which can be plated) and WIC100 (Green = wax for lost-wax casting). Shapeways is this company in the Netherlands I posted about being able to print in stainless steel.

There’s more fun images of the kind of resolution possible.

[via Boing Boing]


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