Sustainable Carbon Fiber Composite?

3D design graduate Neil Conley of Northumbria University has developed a sustainable carbon fiber composite, entitled X Endless.  The project relies on a recent development in composite recycling: a specific pyrolysis method (heat) that that unwinds the carbon fibers from the composites that bind them, allowing them to be re-used.

Conley designed a series of two cremation urns that:

Aim to demonstrate not only the endlessly recyclable potential of the material, but also how relevant material sourcing can re-inject relevance to objects of narrative and poetry.

He points to the mining of aircraft material from their graveyards, where they would otherwise lay unused.

While this method has allowed Neil to mine unlocked carbon fibers from obsolete aircraft and mix them with a bio-resin derived from plant oils to create a new carbon-fibre composite that can reduce and prevent carbon fibre waste, this work is not without its critics.

Check out some of the comments in the Core77 post. Specifically from a commenter Lawrence:

Even if you do burn the resin away, the resulting carbon fiber is so contaminated with soot that it’s strength would decrease dramatically, no one would probably use it for anything aside for decorative purposes.

Check out the rest of the article and get in on the discussion (if you’re into that sort of thing).

[Core77 article]


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