Vac from the Sea: Floating Scrap Plastic into Vacuums

Plastic is a material with many advantages. But when plastic ends up in the wrong place it becomes a problem.

To raise public awareness about this issue, Electrolux has started an initiative called Vac from the Sea. Their aim is to gather plastic debris from vulnerable marine habitats and produce a (limited) line of 6 vacuum cleaners, each representing one of the following bodies of water: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. They will be targeting debris from plastic islands in the ocean (so large, they are visible from satellites). From Hans Stråberg, the President and CEO of Electrolux:

Our oceans are filled with plastic waste. Yet on land, there is a shortage of recycled plastic. The supply of sustainable raw material, such as recycled plastic, is crucial for making sustainable appliances, and assisting consumers in making their homes greener. I therefore hope people will join us in raising awareness about the threat plastic poses to marine habitats, and the urgent need for taking better care of the plastic that already exists.

[via Core77]


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