Oskar Zieta’s Inflated Steel Furniture

To quote a post from Rain Noe (hipstomp from Core77):

I can’t lie, I find the stools and chairs ugly as sin, yet cannot stop staring at them in awe of the production method.

Making their American debut at Moss’ Poetic License exhibit in NYC,  Oskar Zieta’s stools and chairs, originally designed in 2008, are fabricated by inflating welded steel. Think of those ultrasonically-welded vinyl inflated characters, except much more rigid and a tad more difficult to pull off.

Zieta developed his technique at the CAAD department at ETH in Zurich:

We can control the three-dimensional form by the two-dimensional shape of the sheet steel. The products that use this cut and welded steel can then be inflated anywhere, which makes this technology very flexible. All you need is the template and a welding robot. Before they are inflated 100 of my stools will fit on a pallet, although if they were all blown up they would fill up a container.

[More of his interview with Architonic]


2 Responses to “Oskar Zieta’s Inflated Steel Furniture”

  1. 1 Mr. Jarlath Weingott September 2, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    This book by Gustav Ecke is the only book that I know of that surveys Chinese period furniture and inlcudes drafted scale drawings. Although first published in 1944 this fantastic book is a valuable resource for the furniture maker or historian with a keen interest in period Chinese furniture. There are better books on chinese furniture but none with scale drawings,it’s a one of a kind.

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