BlueSky Delivers Innovative “Ease of Use” Products with RP

Rehabilitation Engineer Dianne Goodwin, Director of R&D for BlueSky Designs in Minneapolis, applies ergonomics and universal design to develop products that address the needs of people with and without disabilities. In a video produced by Stratasys, manufacturer of the Dimension 3D printers, Dianne discusses how integrating 3D printing into their design process helps them deliver ergonomic and universal design options. In addition to developing quick, functional prototypes for testing, she emphasizes the value of using RP models to evaluate manufacturability, assembly and cost issues.

Obviously, this was produced to promote the Dimension printer, but it really does illustrate the value of using rapid prototypes in your design process. Of course, it’s great to have one of these suckers sitting in your office like BlueSky does (they named theirs “Tonka”), but there a ton of RP service bureaus that will produce them for you until you can justify buying your own.

I think I’d name mine Barbarella…


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