Free Aluminum Seminars for Designers

Norway-based Hydro’s Extrusion’s Americas unit will expand its educational program to include nearly 20 complimentary seminars in 2010 throughout North America. Hydro’s Extrusion Academies are half-day technical workshops specifically targeted to industrial product designers and engineers, but also appropriate for anyone concerned with extrusion fabrication and manufacturing.

The scheduled Extrusion Academies will provide practical instruction on the use of aluminum extrusion in product development, including the extrusion process itself, profile design and alloy selection. They will also focus on fabrication techniques, including welding, machining and bending. A product showcase will demonstrate innovative aluminum extrusion applications and techniques. Additionally, there will be designated time for attendees to bring in any plans to discuss one-on-one with Hydro engineers.

Hydro’s Extrusion Academy schedule for 2010:

* Denver, CO – March 2-3
* Dallas, TX – March 11
* Atlanta, GA – March 25
* Des Moines, IA – March 25
* Guaymas, Mexico – March TBA
* Philadelphia, PA – April 15
* Schaumburg, IL – April 28
* Minneapolis, MN – May 6
* Phoenix, AZ – May 12-13
* Dallas, TX – May 23-26
* St. Louis, MO – June 16
* Nashville, TN – September 16
* Salt Lake City, UT – September 16
* Monett, MO – September 23
* Akron, OH – October 7
* Long Beach, CA – October 21
* Orlando, FL – October 27-29
* Boston, MA – November 4
* Tulsa, OK – December TB

Hydro’s Extrusion Academy is offered at no cost to qualified engineers, designers and manufacturing personnel. For more information or to enroll, call 888 935-5752 x 8054 or visit


1 Response to “Free Aluminum Seminars for Designers”

  1. 1 Sergiy Grynko March 9, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Three of the parts in that photo (the two shallowest and the second deepest — you can see the similarities) are from retractable awnings, which is the field where I got my first engineering job.

    Small world, I guess.

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