Material Properties Databases

I’ve had a number of requests for online materials database and I just tripped over a pretty good list on the Core77 discussion boards. Some have already been mentioned in previous posts, but it’s probably good to build a list…

MatWeb – Pretty heavy-duty, but it’s free… The sticky part is that if you don’t know how to quantify a particular material property (like, say, flexural modulus), you’re not going to find the material you need… Kinda a Catch-22 actually.

IDES – Check out Prospector. It’s another powerful database like MatWeb, but limited to plastics only. You might also have to register to use this one.

CES Selector – Looks powerful, but I think you have to pay for this one.

ASM’s /Mtrl – A nice alternative to having to know all the pesky numbers for the material properties… How about “squishy”? I did a post about this one. Check it out here.

PolyOne’s Material Search Tool – I’m guessing this one;s limited to what’s in PolyOne’s line card, but I’m not sure.

Plastics International’s Database – Another material supplier’s database (Minnesota Plastics). So, like PolyOne, probably limited to what they carry… But nice interface. – This site has a bunch of cools stuff like a part cost estimator for a wide range of processes.

Inventables – Always fun and now a lot of it is free for the browsing. This more about unusual materials and components, but definitely worth a visit.

Materia – Another more expansive web site dedicated to all things material for products, interiors, etc. You need to join (for free) to access their Material Explorer.

Transmaterial – Architect Blaine Brownell’s expansive site of all things material. This site is the online companion to his books by the same name.

Ecolect – Browse through sustainable materials.

The Wood Explorer – Lets you browse wood species with pictures.

Selecting Materials – A database of material databases… sounds redundant…

Hope this helps. Let me know if you find any others you find useful.


1 Response to “Material Properties Databases”

  1. 1 IDES Inc January 27, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Hi Warren,

    Great list of material databases, and thank you for including us. We update the database every week and yes, people can register for free to access the entire listing of 80,000 plastic material datasheets by visiting

    All the best!
    IDES – The Plastics Web(R)

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