By Design Videos by Plastics News

(Excerpted from Plastics News’ site)

Plastics News Global Group has produced a series of videos entitled “By Design” culled from interviews and speaker presentations at the Industrial Designers Society of America’s 2009 international conference, held Sept. 23-26 in Miami. The original weekly series features design leaders from the U.S., China, South Korea and beyond, as well as materials and plastics industry officials.

In this week’s episode features IDSA Materials and Processes Section Co-Chair Kristin Charlton of Bemis Manufacturing Co. She shares with Plastics News Editor Robert Grace her belief that “cowboys and farmers should get along”.  That’s her analogy for promoting friendly interaction between designers and engineers — two groups of professionals that tend to speak different languages, approach problem solving from differing perspectives, and frequently suffer from, shall we say, creative tension.

Check out the rest of the videos featuring IDSA Executive Director Clive Roux, former IDSA Executive Director Frank Tyneski, Material ConneXion’s Andrew Dent, Ecco Design’s Eric Chan and Tupperware’s David Kusuma.


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