Beyond Child’s Play

(Via Dexigner)

Sustainable product design is more than eco design: it goes beyond “green” to consider the work environment, community impacts, consumer health, and economic viability, as well as environmental attributes. Beyond Child’s Play: Sustainable Product Design in the Global Doll-Making Industry explores the concept of sustainable product design in the context of the global doll-making industry.

To initiate this research, the author reviewed eco design parameters and developed criteria for sustainable product design in the doll-making industry. Using this framework, she conducted three case studies of doll making: the American Girl doll produced in China, the Kathe Kruse doll produced in Germany and the Q’ewar Project doll produced in Peru.

Themes emerged from this research that have relevance beyond the doll-making industry: the value of making a product with care; designing work for human dignity; intention and vision for sustainability; the implications of materials choices; and transparency and sustainability.

Sustainable product design calls for fundamentally new thinking.

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