Inventables Most Popular Material 2009: Temperature-Sensitive Glass

The folks at Inventables have received nearly one million visits from designers and engineers in 2009–each of them looking to find the right materials or technologies for their projects. Last Thursday they announced that the temperature-sensitive glass from Moving Color received more than 167,000 page views and has been named Inventables’ most popular material for 2009.

Moving Color’s textured glass tiles alter in color with changes in temperature. Offered in a range of colors and sensitivities, the tiles change color based on what they are touching — ambient temperature, body temperature or water temperature. Color change begins at a selected activation temperature, and continues through three phases within a 6-10° rise in temperature. Once past the peak in temperature, the base color returns and remains unvaried until the temperature drops. The glass is available in a variety of temperature ranges, allowing customization to specific applications.

The glass is on display starting 12-17-09 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

By the way, the runners-up included Sound Dampening Paint, Colorful Metal Mesh and Impact Hardening Fluid.

[complete press release]


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