Mixed-Media PC Mod Deliciousness

(Via Engadget and Bit-tech)

I just love mixed media in products like this… The blending of hard, cold engineered technology and warm, hand-worked natural materials… Now this is something I would love to have in my house, out on display…

The Cygnus X1 built by Attila Lukacs combines precision-machined aluminum with hand carved wood casing (made West Australian Jarrah). The front and sides which actually swing open for easy component access. Pretty impressive considering each side panel weighs about ten pounds… The design began as a process of experimentation:

What followed was a very confusing and time wasting period where a lot of material (and hair) was lost trying to come up with a good design for the outer shell. I tried many things here including MDF and clay models, even actual parts that I ended up fabricating and not liking. All were just unsatisfactory to what I felt it needed… Finally, I arrived at a design I was happy with – by this stage, still in my head though…

This is wonderfully detailed account of Attila’s struggles and discoveries about materials and assembly as he forges forward to a lovely and elegant solution. Well done.

Now, where do I place my order?


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