How is the ‘YellowClip’ Manufactured?


(Via SolidSmack)

The ‘YellowClip’ Clothesline Clip designed by Paul Sandip is just one of those designs that brings up such questions regarding how it’s molded. It has lovely clean, curvy lines, but it looks like a tooling nightmare. So how do you suspect this simple design is molded?

So apparently there’s been a lot of conversation about the #yellowclip going on in Twitter-land. It started out as discussion about the design, the price and the fact that it’s currently only a prototype, but the interest quickly turned to the tooling of this single-piece gem.  The Clip is being sold for $20.00 ( currently on pre-sale for $4.00) at Moq7. Yes, $20 for a single clip. As mentioned above, it’s a prototype which will be manufactured if 10,000 are pre-ordered. Currently, only 15 have been sold (yes, I ordered 2 for myself ’cause I’m just that much of a manufacturing dork).

All they’ve been able to get out of Paul is:

Regarding my thoughts on how it will be manufactured…i would not like to disclose much details as it is lisenced to a manufacturer and we have signed a Non-disclosure agreement. The only clue is…it is definitely a two part mold.

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