Designing a Successful Plastic Pint Glass


(Via Core77)

Sydney-based industrial designer Andrew Simpson of Vert Design was commissioned by Fosters to design a plastic pint glass for use on a a rooftop bar. Makes sense to me… those Australians can get pretty rowdy…

He shares some of the findings from his process:

Most pub-goers are presently happy with the pre-existing pint glass and see plastic as a lesser value product; most plastic glasses in Australia are made from acrylics. When we looked into the perception of value we found the acrylics failed in 4 ways.

1 – They are lighter then glass and feel like a disposable product,
2 – they flex when squeezed,
3 – they do not chill or transmit the chill of the beer to the hand and lip of the drinker,
4 – they scratch easily and soon become opaque.

We found that all of these problems could be solved through material selection…

You bet it can…

[Read the Core77 article and check out Vert’s story]


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