CAD? We don’t need no stinkin’ CAD…


(Via SolidSmack)

The Fat Tire Sand Bike designed by Mike Scarani, is a 21-speed, rear drive sand cruiser that uses disc brakes and an offset jack shaft to make the soft sand a bit more bearable to navigate. He designed it using no 3D CAD of any sort, but his knowledge based in mountain biking, architecture and a few CAD applications, gave him just enough passion to push the limits of drive train dominance. The layout was done on a piece of cardboard:

I did not use any CAD program even though I have some experience with CAD programs. I did all my initial design by hand sketches and then final layout on the cardboard. The primary reason, I guess, is that it was a fluid process. I did not know all of the components I was going to use at the start of the actual construction. I had a general idea, but you can see by some of the earlier photos how the overall frame design changed.

Check out the story on SolidSmack with links to the Fat Tire Instructable.


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