Sample-licious: Quickparts


Lovin’ those samples… This time it’s from rapid part manufacturer Quickparts. Based in Atlanta, these guys are capable of supplying prototypes, low-volume production, tooling and full production.

Similar to the purple cube from Protomold, the Injection Molding Design Sample is a red polypropylene part (which folds up into a “Q”) includes all the injection molding design basics: Knit Lines, Rib Thickness, Boss Thickness, Bosses/Ribs, Oversized Features, Undercut Features and available standard finishes. This is another good part to add to your teaching library. Order your sample here.

TopRightSampleKitQuickparts also offers a Materials Sample Kit which includes 19 SLA, SLS, FDM, PolyJet, and Cast Urethane samples. The kit also comes complete with a Rapid Injection Molding design guide and literature regarding Quickparts’ complete product offering. It’s not free, though: It’s $60 + shipping, but it’s a really good tool for choosing the right material for your prototypes and for showing the client what to expect. You can order it here.


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