Cheap Summer Vaca: Visit ASM’s ‘City of Materials’


City of Materials is an interactive online environment where you can explore the materials that are part of our everyday lives,” said Jan Edwards, leader of the K-12 Education Subcommittee of ASM International, the materials information society.  Watch a brief video about the City of Materials.

Developed by ASM volunteers representing the materials science and engineering community, along with the participation of pre-college teachers and graduate students, City of Materials is technology rich, web based, visual and interactive. The goal is for students to connect with Materials Science and Engineering both as a real world engineering discipline and as a possible career.

While this isn’t the place top go to get the more technical information you might need in your design work (you can find more of that here), ‘City of Materials’ is a clever interactive playground to engage young people in the stuff the world around them is made of. Kinda like a ‘CSI: Materials’ for kids…

More in-depth description here.


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