Rematerialise: Ecosmart Materials


The CREATIVE RESOURCE invites you to explore their extensive database of ‘sustainable’ materials at Rematerialise. The database itself represents the culmination of over a decades intensive research which has spanned the globe to pull together a diverse array of material information. The research project was initiated in 1994 by Jakki Dehn, a reader in Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University. Together with Mark Ballance and Peter Perstel, their vision is to compile and maintain a versatile collection of ‘Eco-Smart’ materials, which by their very nature provide a range of environmentally responsible alternatives to other resource hungry materials. By tapping into both post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams, scrap and refuse otherwise destined for landfill is recycled and reused which reduces waste and maybe more importantly saves natural resources.

Their search ‘streams’ are divided into four different paths: Type (glass, metal, plastic, etc.), Process (cast, extruded, injection molded, etc.), Character (bendy, colorful, opaque, etc.) and Application (decking, insulation, textiles, etc.). It’s a great database to browse…

NOTE: Make sure your browser allows pop-ups as the information and videos need that to be on to work (click the icons with each listing).


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