Sustainable Mobile Phones

sustain_mobile_phones(Via Chris Lefteri Design Ltd)

Inspired by MBA Polymers, a plastics recycling company that has developed a process for extracting high-impact polystyrene (or HIPS), polypropylene and ABS from mixed plastic waste (including plastics that have been ‘contaminated’ with various additives)…

James Barber, a recent Product Design graduate from Central St Martins College of Art & Design in London, proposes a mobile phone concept for Nokia that looks into using recycled ABS for the casing and button set:

Normally, ABS flakes can’t be made into new cellphones because different coloured plastics are mixed together during re-melting, and the plastic loses it’s smooth, glossy finish. This product isn’t reliant on a polished surface, which would no doubt scratch easily during use. Instead, a spark finish lends the design a hardened, durable style which is more immune to scratches. All of the plastic components of the phone are green-coloured, so the colour remains the same after re-melting.

Full article here.


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