Soft Feel Paint – Great for Overmold Prototypes


So say you want to sell your client on just how awesome having a soft-touch overmold would be for their product. You know it will mean more expensive tooling for that second shot, but you also know how killer it would look and if the client could just hold it in their hands, they would be sold… You could build a second set of patterns and another prototype mold along with all the extra design time to make that prototype… Or you could just get some Soft Feel Paint from Alsa Corp and paint up one of those SLAs you already have… It won’t be as soft and flexible as a true overmold, but it sure will give you that look and soft-touch feel.

Alsa’s Soft Feel Coating is applied using conventional spray painting equipment, so you need to know what you’re doing with this stuff. The system is made up of the main resin, a thinner (to produce different textile feels and looks like rubber, velvet and leather), and a hardener. Check out their product showcase for some cool examples of how Soft Feel Paint can be used.


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