On Demand e-Seminars, Literature and Design Guides from SABIC IP


SABIC Innovative Plastics (formerly GE Plastics) has a wealth of information available to designers. While some of it is written towards and engineer, many of these materials are great reference guides for industrial designers. Much of this stuff is based on the old GE Plastics design guides that I used for so many years. They’re really well-written and great to have on hand.

SABIC’s web site is vast, and if you’re brave and have a few minutes (er, maybe hours) to explore, there’s a lot of useful stuff. To take full advantage of everything, you’ll probably need to register, but that’s not to big a hassle… Here’s a few highlights to get you going:

Free Web Seminars: Follow this link and choose “Web Seminars” to take you to a list of 16 free on-demand e-seminars covering a pretty wide range of subjects. In addition to seminars that focus on several of SABIC’s engineering resins, some of the other titles include:

  • Plastics Design Fundamentals
  • Families of Polymers
  • Material Substitution
  • Secondary Operations
  • Last year’s IDSA “Polar Opposites” Presentation on Environmental Sustainability

There are also a ton of design guides. You can sift though them using the filters, but here’s a short list of highlights (these are all PDFs):

There’s also case studies and a whole suite of engineering tools and calculators. This is a great resource and you really should take advantage of it.


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