Opening Day @ NPE 2009

So now NPE has opened and IDSA is here. Many thanks to Larry, Leslie and everyone else at IDSA HQ for their help getting this put together. Also, thanks to Emily Gensheimer from the Chicago IDSA Chapter for helping to get the word out.

So take a look… Pretty cool, huh? The lounge area works really well…

NPE 2009 Booth 129008

NPE 2009 Booth 129008

Detail of the "Mosaic"

Detail of the "Mosaic"

There are 160 8″x8″ tiles used in the exhibit. 128 on the main display and another 32 on the literature stand. If you sent one in, thank you very much. But don’t ask me to tell you where I put yours. It was a “semi-random” process.

Unfortunately there’s no wi-fi offered on the trade show floor (!), which I found to be amazing… Rumor has it that there’s wi0fi in the common areas, but I’ven’t been able to connect to any of it yet… There’s a bunch of exhibitors with wireless networks running, but I haven’t been successful connecting to any of them either… and network drops to the booth would cost $1300… no way…  So, my connectivity is a bit limited and I’m trying to catch up with my tweets and be better about it tomorrow…

So far, so good… not a ton of attendees today, but Monday is typically slow… Tuesday should be better… Jay Brown has dropped out as Judge  for the IDSA/Plastics News Design Award due to his father being sick… But I have 3 or 4 other, so we should be okay.

More later…



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